The Kobudo System



Kenjutsu - Art of the Sword



Jo - Short stick



Kama - Sickle



Bo - Staff



Tonfa - Baton



Sai - Jitte



Nunchaku - Rice flail



Jo - Short stick


1st Kyu - Brown Belt


The Jo or Short Stick approximately 4' in length, was used it is said by Muso Gonnosuke a famous swordsman, who after a bout with wooden swords, which was won by the equally famous Miyamoto Musashi, whose style of two sword fighting was adopted by the Nito Ryu.


Gonnosuke retired to a shinto shrine, where after a period of meditation, he assiduously practiced the art of the Jo, by marrying the techniques of spear fighting with other forms of combat.

He then challenged Musashi to a second encounter, this time Gonnosuke's method enabled him to mount an effective defence, whilst penetrating Musashi's own two sword defence.



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